Good Tidings

Follow me as I explore Alaska's vast coastline.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Flutter Away

Free to Fly                                                                      Inez Dunn ©2016

Butterflies are mysterious and fascinating creatures. They gracefully appear out of no where, silent and meditative and then disappear with as much ease as when they arrived. With spring nearly upon us images of butterflies are popping-up everywhere. From towel linens to purses, barrettes, and even jewelry pieces like the ones I created in the photo below. Instead of coming-up roses, spring is now trending with all things, four winged. Naturally, I became a bit curious and immediately sat down at my computer using the free movement of  the mouse as my pen and brush, and began to pursue my own interpretation of this magical insect. And then you could say, I caught the bug! (Pun intended). After I drew and playfully rendered my first butterfly drawing I was soon on to creating many more butterflies with various filters and elements. (As seen above).  In Alaska there are as many as 80 species of butterflies, and in a rare and recent discovery the golden Tanana Arctic butterfly was just added to Alaska's growing butterfly list. So maybe today's mantra could be in the musings of the famed Cassius Clay he said,"Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee", and although I'll never be a boxer...this artist will walk away happily from this months post, lighter and inspired almost like I'm floating, just like a butterfly!