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Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Bejeweled                                                                                                              Inez Dunn©2015

December is the season for gifts. Bells are ringing, lights are beaming, and those shiny red cans of sharing are everywhere. Children can't wait to open their gifts, and many adults spend countless hours shopping, buying and wrapping gifts with a shared solidarity that represents our celebration of the coming holidays. Gifts remember can and should come in all forms of the imagination, and sometimes the most unexpected gifts have a history all there own...I'm referring to material things, things we all have excess of or items, objects that we no longer use can become ideal gifts for Homeless Shelters, Women's Organizations, and even agencies that care and provide for our furry friends.  For instance maybe you have a winter coat that you haven't worn in years, or maybe you have too many winter scarves like me! Recently, close friends of mine experienced a burglary in their home. Not only is this kind of invasion a complete violation of privacy, it is an assault of trespass in the most sacred of space. Unsure of what these mindless thieves were after,  electronics were taken and jewelry, clothing? towels,? blankets? and food? (Broccoli from the refrigerator!) Come-on!
So when I heard about all the missing jewelry from this mother and daughter well, I did what any jeweler would do, I emptied out my messy and unorganized jewelry box and scooped-up dozens of my old earrings, necklaces and bracelets and I gladly gave them. What is different about this gift is that these old adornment pieces of mine all have a story. Like a bracelet I really loved at one time but over the years I seldom wore. Or a dangling pair of earrings I made for a special occasion and at the last minute decided they didn't look right on me. So, maybe this last post of 2015 isn't really about the giving of gifts, maybe I'm writing more from the heart on the subject of just giving. Giving because you want to and giving because you can. Maybe today you'll look into your own jewelry box, coat closet, or that top shelf in the garage over-flowing with usable hats and gloves. Maybe you'll wrap up something nicely and hand it to someone standing near a shiny metal can happily, willingly ringing a bell. Season's Greeting to all!!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Gorgeous Garnet

"Going Garnet"                                                                                                            Inez Dunn©2015
Garnet used to be exclusive to just January birthdays but not anymore. The stone is so lovely and the color is perfect to wear from fall into winter. Although most of us recognize Garnet for its deep burgundy color, the stone actually comes in several different colors, ranging from limy green, to a brightly  orange tinged hue. Pyrope has the reddish shade with a brownish tone. Rhodolite has a purple red,  almost rose-color. Almandite is red with violet shading, and Spessartite has a golden orange to red brownish shade. The above named gemstones are just some of the stones that belong to the Garnet group and are the most common and recognizable. These gorgeous gemstones are sourced from all over the word, and there are even places in Alaska where Garnets can be found. Lately, I've been researching the history and properties of gemstones. Did you know that Garnet is the healing stone that aligns with conditions such a arthritis, varicose veins, and even the pancreas? This winter celebrate the rich colors of Garnet and shine in this fanciful stone who knows it just might heal that which ailes you or at least you'll look good trying!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Happy Halloween!

"Pumpkin is the new chocolate"                                                                                       Inez Dunn©2015
"Persimmon's & Limes"                                                                                         Inez Dunn©2015
"No sticky fingers, adjustable lengths"                                                                Inez Dunn©2015
Pumpkins, golden leaves, candy corn, hot cider...oh my!!! The colors of fall are not exclusive just to the great outdoors, try this selection of embellishments: Mix coral beads with lime colored fresh water pearls, golden Swarovski crystals and vintage lucite roundels in cantaloupe. Group the beads together by size or by color, this type of mix and match provide that un expected pop in jewelry design. Experiment with fabric or ribbon and use Velcro self-adhesive tabs in place of a traditional clasp. It might be getting cold outside but these vibrant colors worn against the skin provide a seasonal warmth long after the leaves have gone, and the candy bowl is empty. Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Off The Cuff                                                                            Inez Dunn©2015
String Theory                                                         Inez Dunn©2015
Brace yourself! Fall fashion is calling. Bangles, broad cuffs, and bracelets in every style are the latest must have accessories. Over the years I have written dozens of technique based articles for crafting one of a kind jewelry pieces, and today I thought it be fun to walk you through an easy to make recycled bracelet project. Ready?
Old leather belt
Craft Knife
Hole punch tool
Cord or nylon strings
Craft wire
Lapel pin (deconstructed, pin and clip removed)
Directions: Cut leather to accommodate your wrist size. Place lapel pin on top and center it . Use the craft knife to cut 4 areas around the outside edges of the pin placement. Now use a hole punch tool over those marks (this is where you will use crafting wire and secure the pin to the leather cuff). Use the same method at the ends of the cuff make sure you position the holes so the cord or nylon string can easily be pulled in either direction. Option add beads or crimps to the ends of the cord for a clean finished look.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


"What you see is what you get"                                                                                             Inez Dunn©2015
"Put up the shutters"                                                                                                       Inez Dunn©2015
Presentation for any artist is key to getting and keeping a fan base. This summer I participated in several Arts & Crafts gatherings, and boy did I learn a lot. Firstly, there is advantage to knowing the demographics of the area or town site for which any event is to be held. One example would be is the venue tourist orientated? Or is the area a setting for business, family or single individuals? The price points will hinge on knowing these factors, and sales will be a reflection of how well your predictions played out. As I mentioned before presentation is key, its basically like meeting someone for the very first time, so everything from your displays to your tags & especially your business cards must be more than memorable. Remember its all about your "Brand"! Your brand is your company and it says everything about you. I constantly receive positive feedback from my customers, and I take to heart what they notice, and what they are buying. What I really enjoy doing is talking to my customers about source and technique information, I might explain the process of enameling, or how to anneal metal. What is gained is I'm giving my customers is new insight and appreciation for how much work goes into what I do. And my customers walk away with a clearer understanding about what I do in my creative process, the time it takes, and the work involved. These types of interaction lend value to my art and create continued sales from people who  take a genuine interest in what they buy, how something is made, and the person who is behind the brand which, just happens to be me.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


"She Sells"                                                                                                          Inez Dunn©2015

Seashells and summer are a perfect pair! Whether your a collector or a casual observer most of us are fascinated by seashells.  Shells of all sorts carry a varied history, and it all dates back to around the
16th and 17th century, when keen eyes discovered their possible and potential value. Shells for their beauty and intrinsic value suddenly became the island trader's sole source commodity. Its said that the Dutch were among the first patrons to be captivated, although many may argue it was the elite of Paris society. Regardless, the new world was soon introduced to the decorative possibilities of shells, not only for ornamental pleasures but atlas to adorn oneself from head to toe. Craftsman from notable factories began designing extraordinary jewelry created from natural pearls and Mother of Pearl. Soon the world was hooked by the dazzling array and the shiny allure seashells provide. By the 1940's in this country plastic imitations were a dime a dozen, why every grandmother had at least several chokers, bracelets, and earrings all crafted so brilliantly that they closely mimicked the real thing.
Today, shell jewelry is the iconic symbol that represents summer, its worn casually and seriously with all attire. Maybe today before you head out the door, throw on that pearl necklace or a pair of dangling shell earrings, remember its the perfect pairing to summer!

Monday, June 15, 2015

    "A picture is worth..."                                                                                  Inez Dunn©2015                               
Collage: A work of art in which various materials are arranged and placed together on a surface.
We create collage all the time, it shows up on our dinner plates, on the walls in our homes, even in our gardens. Nature give us the best examples of collage we see it in every forest, desert, and especially along rugged coastlines. Discarded and fragmented bits of Earth's creations juxtaposed to one another are all around us, almost perfect arrangements appear everywhere reminding us that the simplest natural beauty is in the everyday; and most often can be found just outside our windows. One of my favorite ways to approach collage is with assorted papers and GOLDEN gel medium. I like to start with a large piece of heavy paper that I tape down to a sturdy surface. I then tear-up small pieces of tissue paper, gift-wrap paper, aluminum foil, xerox recipes and then I mix the torn papers together just like a raffle waiting to be drawn. Next, I will compose random happy words on my computer using any combination of fonts, some in script, some in bold or italic and then print these out. I will later cut the words out with a pair of scissors and add these to my torn paper pieces. To apply the gel medium to my substrate I use an old sponge instead of a paintbrush then I lay down my torn paper pieces. Once everything is completely glued down and dry I will draw over the collage using charcoal pens or pastels crayons, and I might include a mixture of light colored acrylic paints. If I want to add additional layers I will continue with wax or a watered down sealant to my design. Collage is an assemblage of what feels right and looks aesthetically pleasing to you and its really about making that reconnection to nature. The great thing is your inspiration is already all around you and if you need more of it then just take a look right outside your window!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

It's summer

Stepping into summer                                                                                                Inez Dunn©2015

Okay, I guess its summer...we all know summer in Alaska is an experience like no other. That's because there will be days here that will rival any southern climate. But most days will actually be more like spring, and then there will be many, and I mean many days that will look and feel like fall! Ask any Alaskan and they will tell you that sometimes a cold June day is colder than a cold October day. This is Alaska after-all, some say if you don't like the weather just wait about a half hour, it will change! We are an adaptive society, and living here requires we acclimate ourselves to some curious behaviors: such as the marathon pace we hum to, a  pace set all summer driven solely by the maddening gain of daylight; its like living under a dimmer switch that gets brighter and brighter amplifying and accelerating everything, minute by ever increasing minute. The other behavioral challenge is our inventions for cancelling out all that light! I'm talking about trying to rest-up, restore, and sleep. When I first moved to Alaska I was advised to purchase a lot of aluminum foil because this is what Alaskan's use to cover their windows at night, I was told that aluminum foil is ideal for "blocking out the light". That was a very long time ago, and I don't think I've ever seen foil on any window since.  Although, I have seen bedrooms where every possible nook and cranny was taped, draped, and sealed in order to block out even the thinnest crack of light. These nightly routines (which are performed while its very light outside) can sometimes teeter on  the ridiculous, its like spending a lot of time wrapping a Christmas present and once its under the tree you see a big gap in the paper, and then you have to re-wrap the gift all over again!!!  Okay, I guess its summer.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

April's Fool                                                                                          Inez Dunn©2015    
In the month of April all Alaskan's get fooled.We stagger anxiously into the broadcast light of spring, with teasing warming temperatures that usually end abruptly by erratic snow showers. Golden lawns everywhere brighten into avocado green, and young verdant shoots of Elderberry and Willow awaken casually. The temperatures in April vacillate anywhere between 26 degrees and sometimes even as high as 50 degrees. Fooled. Most of us have been planning our gardens picking through last years seeds, dreaming-up the possibilities of new veggies and pungent herbal starts. Only to be met by yet another spring snow fall, blinding our eyes by jokingly painting the surrounding landscape in a wash of brilliant white! Fooled, again! April can be a real downer, but it doesn't have to be...In the Tarot deck to get the "Fool" card is choice. The card depicts an unknowing, care-free wanderer simply idle in thought, a bit deceptive, transient, and completely spontaneous. I guess these are the exact same traits that would sum-up April, and come next year I'm pretty much thinking,we'll all be fooled once again! Happy garden planning to all!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Spring Ahead

All the reasons of spring                                                                             Inez Dunn©2015 

A small metal spring will give and coil back again, keeping what it is attached to form & function. The season of spring is very similar she gives and nurtures keeping our spirit fully functioning. Below I have a list of words that give meaning to much of what this season is about. Remember just like the hands of a clock we spring forward and we fall back. This rhythmic movement brings us closer to all things forgiving so, today lets toast to March 20 and maybe, just maybe, get some spring back in our step!
and even Rewire!
Happy spring to everyone!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day!

Milagro No.10                                                                                                             Inez Dunn©2015

Milagro No. 12                                                                                      Inez Dunn©2015    

Milagro No. 15                                                                           Inez Dunn©2015

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

May all things heart-shaped, sweet and joyful reside with you. These are my Valentine's for all of you faithful followers and believers in my art. My art has matured and advanced all because of the continual support and encouragement from people like you. Milagro's are religious symbols their tradition is an ancient one belonging to the peoples of Iberia, who lived along the coastal regions of Spain. The word "Milagro" means miracle. This iconic art form has many varied interpretations everything from healing to love offerings and even prayers for the sick. I simply fell in love with the intricate design of the Milagro its shape and symbolism. As I began to create my first heart, dozens followed and I'm still drawing more. These computer generated drawings are my versions of these beautiful religious icons. May the simplistic imagery of my drawings bring to you the same amount of joy as I received in creating them. Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

A New Light

"A winter sunset"                                                                                                            Inez Dunn ©2015              

"Natural Beauty"                                                                                                                  Inez Dunn©2015          
"The good stuff"                                                                                                           Inez Dunn©2015
"Take the long way"                                                                                                 Inez Dunn©2015
Its a new year and with each day there is opportunity within all of us to re-invent, to re-create, to begin again, and to start something new. I think the best place to look firstly, is deep into our hearts. Try to see and re-connect with the best part of you, before you look outside of yourself. Find and congratulate your best attributes, strengths and accomplishments, and then forgive all those mistakes and miscalculations that happened because, after all we are just humans. Try the word game and use a ton of kind words not just for yourself but for other people, too. Get your attitude and gratitude into positive perspective, be grateful for the company of others who encourage, support, and give you acceptance. And give encouragement, support, and acceptance to others because you can. A new year is a perfect time for renewal but remember so is each and every day.
The above photos are reminders of seeing things in a different light, of appreciating the beauty of flowers, of the simplicity & grace of home cooked meals, and finally the endless inspiration that is found once you step out into the great outdoors. Happy New Year to All!