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Monday, October 19, 2015

Happy Halloween!

"Pumpkin is the new chocolate"                                                                                       Inez Dunn©2015
"Persimmon's & Limes"                                                                                         Inez Dunn©2015
"No sticky fingers, adjustable lengths"                                                                Inez Dunn©2015
Pumpkins, golden leaves, candy corn, hot cider...oh my!!! The colors of fall are not exclusive just to the great outdoors, try this selection of embellishments: Mix coral beads with lime colored fresh water pearls, golden Swarovski crystals and vintage lucite roundels in cantaloupe. Group the beads together by size or by color, this type of mix and match provide that un expected pop in jewelry design. Experiment with fabric or ribbon and use Velcro self-adhesive tabs in place of a traditional clasp. It might be getting cold outside but these vibrant colors worn against the skin provide a seasonal warmth long after the leaves have gone, and the candy bowl is empty. Happy Halloween!

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