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Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Off The Cuff                                                                            Inez Dunn©2015
String Theory                                                         Inez Dunn©2015
Brace yourself! Fall fashion is calling. Bangles, broad cuffs, and bracelets in every style are the latest must have accessories. Over the years I have written dozens of technique based articles for crafting one of a kind jewelry pieces, and today I thought it be fun to walk you through an easy to make recycled bracelet project. Ready?
Old leather belt
Craft Knife
Hole punch tool
Cord or nylon strings
Craft wire
Lapel pin (deconstructed, pin and clip removed)
Directions: Cut leather to accommodate your wrist size. Place lapel pin on top and center it . Use the craft knife to cut 4 areas around the outside edges of the pin placement. Now use a hole punch tool over those marks (this is where you will use crafting wire and secure the pin to the leather cuff). Use the same method at the ends of the cuff make sure you position the holes so the cord or nylon string can easily be pulled in either direction. Option add beads or crimps to the ends of the cord for a clean finished look.

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