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Saturday, August 15, 2015


"What you see is what you get"                                                                                             Inez Dunn©2015
"Put up the shutters"                                                                                                       Inez Dunn©2015
Presentation for any artist is key to getting and keeping a fan base. This summer I participated in several Arts & Crafts gatherings, and boy did I learn a lot. Firstly, there is advantage to knowing the demographics of the area or town site for which any event is to be held. One example would be is the venue tourist orientated? Or is the area a setting for business, family or single individuals? The price points will hinge on knowing these factors, and sales will be a reflection of how well your predictions played out. As I mentioned before presentation is key, its basically like meeting someone for the very first time, so everything from your displays to your tags & especially your business cards must be more than memorable. Remember its all about your "Brand"! Your brand is your company and it says everything about you. I constantly receive positive feedback from my customers, and I take to heart what they notice, and what they are buying. What I really enjoy doing is talking to my customers about source and technique information, I might explain the process of enameling, or how to anneal metal. What is gained is I'm giving my customers is new insight and appreciation for how much work goes into what I do. And my customers walk away with a clearer understanding about what I do in my creative process, the time it takes, and the work involved. These types of interaction lend value to my art and create continued sales from people who  take a genuine interest in what they buy, how something is made, and the person who is behind the brand which, just happens to be me.

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