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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


"She Sells"                                                                                                          Inez Dunn©2015

Seashells and summer are a perfect pair! Whether your a collector or a casual observer most of us are fascinated by seashells.  Shells of all sorts carry a varied history, and it all dates back to around the
16th and 17th century, when keen eyes discovered their possible and potential value. Shells for their beauty and intrinsic value suddenly became the island trader's sole source commodity. Its said that the Dutch were among the first patrons to be captivated, although many may argue it was the elite of Paris society. Regardless, the new world was soon introduced to the decorative possibilities of shells, not only for ornamental pleasures but atlas to adorn oneself from head to toe. Craftsman from notable factories began designing extraordinary jewelry created from natural pearls and Mother of Pearl. Soon the world was hooked by the dazzling array and the shiny allure seashells provide. By the 1940's in this country plastic imitations were a dime a dozen, why every grandmother had at least several chokers, bracelets, and earrings all crafted so brilliantly that they closely mimicked the real thing.
Today, shell jewelry is the iconic symbol that represents summer, its worn casually and seriously with all attire. Maybe today before you head out the door, throw on that pearl necklace or a pair of dangling shell earrings, remember its the perfect pairing to summer!

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