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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day!

Milagro No.10                                                                                                             Inez Dunn©2015

Milagro No. 12                                                                                      Inez Dunn©2015    

Milagro No. 15                                                                           Inez Dunn©2015

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

May all things heart-shaped, sweet and joyful reside with you. These are my Valentine's for all of you faithful followers and believers in my art. My art has matured and advanced all because of the continual support and encouragement from people like you. Milagro's are religious symbols their tradition is an ancient one belonging to the peoples of Iberia, who lived along the coastal regions of Spain. The word "Milagro" means miracle. This iconic art form has many varied interpretations everything from healing to love offerings and even prayers for the sick. I simply fell in love with the intricate design of the Milagro its shape and symbolism. As I began to create my first heart, dozens followed and I'm still drawing more. These computer generated drawings are my versions of these beautiful religious icons. May the simplistic imagery of my drawings bring to you the same amount of joy as I received in creating them. Happy Valentine's Day to all!

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