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Thursday, January 15, 2015

A New Light

"A winter sunset"                                                                                                            Inez Dunn ©2015              

"Natural Beauty"                                                                                                                  Inez Dunn©2015          
"The good stuff"                                                                                                           Inez Dunn©2015
"Take the long way"                                                                                                 Inez Dunn©2015
Its a new year and with each day there is opportunity within all of us to re-invent, to re-create, to begin again, and to start something new. I think the best place to look firstly, is deep into our hearts. Try to see and re-connect with the best part of you, before you look outside of yourself. Find and congratulate your best attributes, strengths and accomplishments, and then forgive all those mistakes and miscalculations that happened because, after all we are just humans. Try the word game and use a ton of kind words not just for yourself but for other people, too. Get your attitude and gratitude into positive perspective, be grateful for the company of others who encourage, support, and give you acceptance. And give encouragement, support, and acceptance to others because you can. A new year is a perfect time for renewal but remember so is each and every day.
The above photos are reminders of seeing things in a different light, of appreciating the beauty of flowers, of the simplicity & grace of home cooked meals, and finally the endless inspiration that is found once you step out into the great outdoors. Happy New Year to All!

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