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Saturday, May 16, 2015

It's summer

Stepping into summer                                                                                                Inez Dunn©2015

Okay, I guess its summer...we all know summer in Alaska is an experience like no other. That's because there will be days here that will rival any southern climate. But most days will actually be more like spring, and then there will be many, and I mean many days that will look and feel like fall! Ask any Alaskan and they will tell you that sometimes a cold June day is colder than a cold October day. This is Alaska after-all, some say if you don't like the weather just wait about a half hour, it will change! We are an adaptive society, and living here requires we acclimate ourselves to some curious behaviors: such as the marathon pace we hum to, a  pace set all summer driven solely by the maddening gain of daylight; its like living under a dimmer switch that gets brighter and brighter amplifying and accelerating everything, minute by ever increasing minute. The other behavioral challenge is our inventions for cancelling out all that light! I'm talking about trying to rest-up, restore, and sleep. When I first moved to Alaska I was advised to purchase a lot of aluminum foil because this is what Alaskan's use to cover their windows at night, I was told that aluminum foil is ideal for "blocking out the light". That was a very long time ago, and I don't think I've ever seen foil on any window since.  Although, I have seen bedrooms where every possible nook and cranny was taped, draped, and sealed in order to block out even the thinnest crack of light. These nightly routines (which are performed while its very light outside) can sometimes teeter on  the ridiculous, its like spending a lot of time wrapping a Christmas present and once its under the tree you see a big gap in the paper, and then you have to re-wrap the gift all over again!!!  Okay, I guess its summer.

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