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Sunday, April 19, 2015

April's Fool                                                                                          Inez Dunn©2015    
In the month of April all Alaskan's get fooled.We stagger anxiously into the broadcast light of spring, with teasing warming temperatures that usually end abruptly by erratic snow showers. Golden lawns everywhere brighten into avocado green, and young verdant shoots of Elderberry and Willow awaken casually. The temperatures in April vacillate anywhere between 26 degrees and sometimes even as high as 50 degrees. Fooled. Most of us have been planning our gardens picking through last years seeds, dreaming-up the possibilities of new veggies and pungent herbal starts. Only to be met by yet another spring snow fall, blinding our eyes by jokingly painting the surrounding landscape in a wash of brilliant white! Fooled, again! April can be a real downer, but it doesn't have to be...In the Tarot deck to get the "Fool" card is choice. The card depicts an unknowing, care-free wanderer simply idle in thought, a bit deceptive, transient, and completely spontaneous. I guess these are the exact same traits that would sum-up April, and come next year I'm pretty much thinking,we'll all be fooled once again! Happy garden planning to all!!!

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