Good Tidings

Follow me as I explore Alaska's vast coastline.

Monday, January 14, 2013


Welcome to my beach. Welcome to my little stretch of Alaskan coastline, the place I call home. Follow me as I navigate the ebb and flow of my artistic life. Stay with me, as I practice and contemplate my creative progress. Let me to entertain you as I engineer, and jury rig some amazing and often unorthodox jewelry designs. Feeling famished? I got you covered with a visual  sampling of  my very own "vegan" dinning suggestions; along with sumptuous recipes. Inspiration, science, and discovery you'll find that and more under "Miscellany". And just as your about to catch your breath, which should be comprised hopefully of salty sea air, get ready to pull-up your collar  (and tightly) study the contours of the coastline; and walk beside me into the future.  Inez Dunn

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