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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Time Change

An inconvenient time                                                               Inez Dunn©2013
Okay, so we changed our house clocks, our car clocks, even wristwatches. But do we change? The spring equinox falls on March 20th. Here in the great north we wait in anticipation for the sun to position itself at high noon, signaling the arrival of spring. On March 20th we take our final exhale of semi frosty breath and breathe in deep the rights of spring. During this time all things seem possible, vibrancy appears in the ordinary and surges of energy are offered up from an overflowing platter. Sometimes it’s hard to say good-bye, but not here in the north, we happily bid farewell to the crumbling ice and bitter winds. Only to say hello to the mud and the dust, and all things green and abundant on this magnificent side of the world!  Happy spring to all!

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  1. Happy Spring Inez! Wish you the best here in blogland!