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Sunday, April 7, 2013


Closed In                                                                                                                                                     Inez Dunn©2013

Closure can be difficult. Closure is affixing something so that it will hold its place, or remain closed. Closure is also finalizing something, whether forced or forgiven. My entrée into the art world began when I imagined applying closure to my corporate day. In the name of fulfilling balance, I discovered a devotion for creating. When I first began beading, all of my clasps were made of Sterling Silver; at that time silver was selling for $7.00 an ounce. I would spend countless hours in search of the perfect clasp. To me, I felt the clasp should be more than just a mechanism for function. I wanted my clasps to serve as an artistic statement. Selecting the beads was secondary, the purpose of the beads: to compliment the clasp. At the time my design philosophy was quite unconventional, but it paid off, my customers “got-it”, they purchased, and they kept coming back! That was a long time ago, and today my approach in design has evolved happily, even if it’s still contrary to the standard. As I developed artistically I had to close a few doors so that others would open, and I always try to remember that the best way to end a chapter is to finish it, before I start anew.

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