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Sunday, April 28, 2013

See You

"I'm gonna get you, copper!"                                                                                                          Inez Dunn ©2013

Cu -->
Did you know copper tubing exists in almost every household? Plumbers install these shiny tubes in a crazy maze just beneath the floorboards (don’t even try to look). Copper tubing transports water, not just hot, but also cold. And if you have the luxury of heated flooring well, just guess what’s underneath your tootsies! When a house or other type of building is demolished all those copper tubes end-up as scrap metal. A salvage yard or a recycling center is where the tubing enters its final resting place but, when it does its like its been reincarnated, appearing more like bronze & verdigris in mangled veins. Sometimes its twisted into giant coils or just smashed and cut into small pieces. Copper is sold by the pound and depending on the market that day it can be pricey. Warning: Don’t get all gussied-up to do this kind of shopping, No. If your excited to enter into this world, here’s what you’ll need (besides an imagination) protective gloves, a dust mask, muck boots, a large bucket, and a handful of cash. Alright, whether your smacking your lips or not here are some facts about copper.

1. Copper is the 29th element Cu. 29, because that’s its atomic number.
2. Copper conducts heat and electrictiy better than other metals.
3. Copper melts at 1950 degrees.
4. Copper is one of the most recyclable metals.
5. Brass: Its created when zinc is alloyed with copper.
6. Copper has antibacterial properties, Who knew?
7. My grandma wore copper bracelets to arrest her arthritis, maybe she knew.

This is what I see, when I see copper tubing: 

German Soap Stone, Copper Tubing Earrings              Inez Dunn ©2012

Rare Vaseline Glass                                 Inez Dunn©2012

Glass Bead, Copper wire                      Inez Dunn©2012

Vintage Pearls, Annealed Ear Wires     Inez Dunn©2012

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