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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Big Birds

Bird Brain Collage                                                                  Inez Dunn ©2013

Bird Brain

It’s May, and here on the Kenai Peninsula there is a particular sound in the air. The sound
is the echoing call of Sandhill Cranes. Their arrival signals something absolute, it is that spring has finally arrived. These migratory birds are reminders of nature’s cyclical patterns. These patterns by the way don’t only apply for avian species but, also for people. Folks throughout my community are referred to as snowbirds: people who uproot themselves once winter arrives and return back again to the same region once the temperatures have moderated. This type of to and fro makes me think about just how many life forms there are that are actually nomadic rather than stationary. Around here the Sandhill Cranes are observed with a sense of awe and reverence. And although these birds precede the zillion of shorebirds that beckon our shores for their nesting grounds nonetheless, Sandhills rein supreme! Here in Homer, its cause for celebration for the last 21 years the city of Homer has celebrated our feathered friends by holding a flock of activities called the Shorebird Festival. May 9-12th save the dates! Saturday the 11th, in conjunction with the festival there will be an Arts & Crafts faire, and yours truly will be showcasing all new jewelry perfectly suited for spring and summer. Admission is free! So get packing, grab your binoculars and your rain gear and I’ll see you at the fair!

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