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Sunday, May 19, 2013


"Resin  Ates"                                                                                              Inez Dunn©2013


Long before I decided to blog, I made a list of subjects that I would and would not write about. Politics and taxes definitely taboo. But something in his week’s news struck a cord with me it was about the IRS and its need for transparency. For years I have been meaning to write about the IRS, no not that IRS, but rather mine: Inez’s Resin Situation. What is my situation? I’ll tell you. I have tried almost all the resin products out there, and my results have been more about tragedy than triumph. Now, if your still reading this and scratching your head, I’m talking about the gooie substance derived from plants that when mixed with other chemicals is poured over stuff to cause preservation. The subject of resins and their applications is quite broad, and when you get into the whole chemistry behind hardener and catalyst well; that requires a chapter of a blog post all unto itself. You see the whole reason that the IRS thing and transparency resonates is because resin too requires clarity; it has to be transparent to work in jewelry design in order for the entire concept to be fully understood. Working with resin requires a complete adherence to preparation, and most importantly a really warm environment, like 70 degrees+.  Living in Alaska, the whole temperature thing presents a bit of a problem, but I haven’t given –up. Okay now, back to my situation I have set-up numerous bezels all with different resin products. And I will reveal my latest findings in next Sunday’s post. And because I am not a spokes person for any of these products I will not be naming names only results-but if you need specifics please send me an email and I will answer your questions. I may have heard a collective sigh that seemed to reverberate through the blogo-spere? Hey, I’m simply applying the same conventions that all mystery writers adhere to: Suspence works, Baby! So just wait patiently for next week. All things considered, perhaps implementing a bit of transparency in ones life isn’t such a bad thing, I mean being seen for who you really are is actually a good thing but being fully understood well that’s really powerful stuff. Save that for the next time you need some sense of accountability, whether dealing with yourself or the other IRS. Until next Sunday think clarity, clarity, clarity. Ah!

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