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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Clarity, Conflict, Resolution & Seasonal Changes

"Resolute"                                                                                              Inez Dunn©2013
Clarity, Conflict, Resolution & Seasonal Changes

Remember people there are no losers, only failed (best) attempts. What you see is what you get, and the above photo is my weeks long experimentation with all things resin. Remember my situation? (Read last Sunday’s post). My experience to date, unfortunately, resulted in failure. Photo: Top row is a resin pour from a leading manufacture to the trade, which promises an elevated contour in its instructions yet, after my full compliance no baby bump appeared. For the last 6 days I converted my desk top into an incubator of sorts using various heat lamps, and none of the bezels cured completely!

In the second row I used products intended to add luster in paper applications. I also used two different kinds of nail polish, a two-part epoxy, and a product with the initials M.P. The pun here is the results were "mixed".

Conflict: Two things worth mentioning, one is using the proper fixative to protect paper.
Previously, I was using a spray product intended for neutralizing paper. Wrong product!
The result is not sufficient enough and causes the paper to bleed. Not a good thing, unless creatively this is what you want to achieve. A better product to use is a spray fixative designed for permanently “sealing” paper. The other conflict is how to simulate an artificial temperature of 80 degrees, constant. Anyone?

Resolution: This is my shout-out to all-northerner’s this side of latitude 60. Please share here any tips on how to achieve consistent resin results and how to maintain an environment with temperatures adequate enough for curing.

Seasonal changes: This is my acknowledgement to the18 hours, and gaining of daylight, otherwise known as, Alaska’s summer. This means my indoor activities take a hiatus, and my outdoor life blossoms into well, being outside. And I’m referring to being outside like all hours of the day & night (which is still day-light). So tonight will be my last regular weekly post on Sundays. For my summer schedule I will publish a new post every 15th of the month from June until the month of September. My gratitude I send to all of you faithful readers and followers, please come back on the 15th. Until next time, here’s to a safe and overly joyous summer season! Blessings to all.

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