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Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Diary

"The Clearing"                 Inez Dunn©2013

A Diary

A diary is a daily record. It’s a written or oral account that summarizes either personal or business experiences. As a child I kept a diary, it was a hardcover generic tiny book with a fake lock glued to its cover.  It came with a miniature key, that I had to keep hidden far away from
my siblings. I wrote in my diary everyday after school. The thin-lined pages were covered in blue ink by my wavy 11-year-old hand. My scribbling included: childish exaggerations, stories of puppy love, schoolyard dramas! That was a long time ago, and a diary seems to have been replaced by what we now call a journal. What’s great about today’s journals is that they go way beyond moleskin and leather covers. There is a growing popularity with mixed media in hand creating altered books and artist books that take “journaling” to a whole new level.  The beauty here is that the written word, and the artist book end up being an actual piece of art! So rather than me suggesting the perfect beach read for summer, I’m going to encourage you to begin a bit of note-taking, a page of input, a decorative grocery list. And while you’re at it, maybe include a bit of doodling, or a sticker. And who knows, perhaps after awhile your page might begin with something like, Dear Diary. These photos are of my artist book, to see more and find out how to create your own go to The magazine is titled, PAGES read about how I made this book on page 54.

P.S. And for anyone writing the electronic way, always use spell-check!
"The Clearing"                                                                             by Inez Dunn©2013

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