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Monday, July 15, 2013


"The Fern"                         6' x 5'  Latex on Canvas        Inez Dunn©2003
Hello Dear Friends!
Summer is glorious. Gardens, swimming in a dark lake, running bare-foot on cold grass, sipping warm sun tea, squeezing hard tubes of old sunscreen, scrubbing black tar off of bare feet in a apron sink, sucking warm butter from a single ear of corn. Ah!
Then technology taps my bare brown announces in polite, corporate speak" Your Server is Out!
I'm just trying to get a message to you my dedicated readers. Some kind of informative communication, to say that all is right with the world here in the land of the midnight sun (except I have no internet!). Apologies for technicalities which, I have no control over. And for my own foolishness to right the cyber world of pretentiousness. I thank you.  I am grateful for you and for this iPhone. And for what I don't take for granted this afforded luxury of time, to complain. I strained this evening to post a single not so important message ( I mean this is just a blog). Eventually my internet connection will resume, so to all of you who are patient, a warm summer greeting is yours. Please return back on August 15, 2013. Cheers!

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