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Friday, August 16, 2013


BRANDING is a mark, an identifier. BRANDING is a visual representation used in marketing that uniquely differentiates you and your product to the public. When I was a much younger artist I naively created art by practicing only what I knew. Sound familiar? Maybe it was my repetitive choice of colors or maybe it was my adherence to all things asymmetric. Over time friends and loyal customers validated my art, and I am ever grateful to them but I in my restless nature I drifted with the shifting sands of my imagination. After years of curious experimentation, my creations matured and I added to my artist repertoire substantially. Now, I am not the artist I once was but it is critical that the printed symbols I used then to make my first impressions still remain with me today. BRANDING. Do you remember your first business card? Oh! how old school of me, I mean, like your first web site or even this means of communication called a BLOG? What I have learned is that certain identifications need to remain, need to stay incorporated as we grown our art, our business. Even though its completely natural to desire change and a new look… its also key to keep a logo, or a color, or a quote that was once part of your original and humble beginnings in order to stay recognizable. BRANDING. The original photos I used to package my jewelry designs (11 years ago)! I still use today, although the image has visited Photoshop many a time. I hate to admit it but, its my business name that has not been consistent; The Beach House Gallery, that’s because I’m constantly redesigning cards, signs, packaging as I continue to branch out my jewelry lines. So be careful and pay attention to these waves of growth, again, BRANDING. So, as I fess-up it is a valuable reminder to me and for you to keep your original representation in some form and to repeat it in print or in words in everything you create so that who you were or where your going in the future, you and your art will be not just remembered but always recognizable! Oh, yeah, It’s called, BRANDING.

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