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Sunday, September 15, 2013

September Sunday

Sun Daze                                                                                                Inez Dunn©2013

Its fall my friends and the days are filled with sumptuous colors. The once verdant and alive leaves and grasses are now toasty and brittle. And the crispness in the air influences all flora to change color.
Here in Alaska, the fall season is the bumper before the snow whispers on in. From the mountain ranges to the seashore Alaska is awash in fall colors although, muted compared to say the east coast.
The hues of burnt sienna, umber and rust paint this great state before winter arrives. So, speaking of colors and change in the is the time to exchange your summer jewelry & accessories for bigger and bolder bracelets, necklaces, earrings and the like. Heavier metals, brighter beads, and even clay jewelry! (I'll be reporting more on the latter in next months post). Note: the ring necklace above
is exactly what I'm talking about. To learn more pick-up this months issue of the magazine Belle Armoire Jewelry at: and learn how I made the "Rings True" necklace. And if that weren't enough make sure you go out and bask in the celebration of fall!
Happy fall to all!!!

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