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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Clay Date

Clay Date                                                                                                                 Inez Dunn©2013
Its fall its time to turn inwards and get out all those crafty projects that have been on hold all summer. Finish some, discard others, and learn about new stuff. Here, in Alaska fall begins and takes with her hours of daylight as the season pushes toward winter. What does that mean? It means creating art in the dark!!!  And I have been doing just that!
These days early hours won’t see the crack of dawn till nearly this side of  9:00 am.
But that just fine for kneading clay, and that exactly what I’ve been doing since I took a class titled, Bead and Jewelry Making with Polymer Clay by Ben Smith.  Ben taught several methods that involved intricate layering and conditioning of the clay. The result produces a variety of surprising and dazzling complex colors. Note: The bead in the photo with the crazy green and gold swirls, yup I learned that from Ben. Thanks Ben.
Its been over a month since I took the class and I have immersed myself whole heartily in all things clay, everything from baking it to not baking it to painting clay and to even creating molds. Next months post promises to expand all these subjects and more. Till then I encourage you to get out those fun projects and get movin.
Oh, and another reminder its not too early to start on Christmas cards either!

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