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Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Nutcracker

All Cracked-up: Clay and enamel jewelry creations                                                              Inez Dunn©2013
The Nutcracker. I'm not referring to my gluten-free snack choices but, rather the spirit of story telling. It's that time of year when holiday festivities begin with one of the most popular ballets around; yes
The Nutcracker! And speaking of story-telling, I have been wrapped in a bit of wonder-land myself. I  am still completely enthralled with playing with clay! And I haven't stopped since last month's post! The rectangle pendant above in a swirl of purple and black is comprised of clay. And the two super-shiny squat beads attached to the tassel necklace are also made of clay! I just now have become observant of how many times in this post I have used exclamations points and hyphenated words. Can you feel my excitement? Or maybe its just  a precondition to the onset of "cabin fever" because, here in Alaska the days are sure condensing.  Okay, back to The Nutcracker...if your in the area the arts & crafts faire will coincide with Homer's own stage production of the ballet on December 7th & 8th at the Homer High School auditorium. This years faire promises to be chalked full of delightful handmade wares perfectly themed to take care of all of your holiday shopping. Further information regarding the event:                                                   
                                                                Hope to see you there!

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