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Saturday, December 14, 2013


Transcendental                                                                                               Inez Dunn©2013
Its nearing the time of the celebrated solstice my friends. And here on the southern Kenai Peninsula the days have been very dark with only glimpses of illumination provided by stellar constellations. Twinkles of sparkles cast questions gracefully lighting -up an otherwise wintery, un consolable Alaskan landscape. A paint brush mark of a sliver moon rapidly morphs into its waxing lunar completion and soon we begin anew. Time is flying by!!! I am still completely transfixed with all things CLAY. And translucent clay is my favorite of favorites! I was recently engaged in a buying opportunity when JoAnn Fabrics published a clay sale of $1.00 each per 2.oz package. Regularly priced around $2.30, $ 3.49 per package.
So what did I do? I panicked of course, I kneeled  down hard, almost splayed in front of the Sculpey,
Premo display...All the colors choices blurring my eyes, my breath became shallow, my eyes watering hoaxing my perception, my rational thinking displaced. I was in my own little world oblivious to all the other JoAnn devotees lining up to get their fabric cut by the perfect yard.  The real jewel "translucent" clay 2.oz. squares were nowhere to be found, and I quickly shuffled and tossed the small clay packages around like milk chocolates surrounded by dark chocolates. I needed my fix, I traveled 220 miles for this shopping extravaganza and I wasn't leaving till I had conquered my quest!
The outcome: An palsy $18.00 sales ticket. What you say? Ok, I felt over indulgent once I amassed the last remaining 8 exquisite translucent clay packages, I really did. So I grabbed 10 additional colors of clay and then took my place in line, like some guilty addict, pretending not to be a clay
addict. The truth, there are days when professing to be a artist isn't all its cracked -up to be.
I create because I do, and clay takes me to some transcendental other world, a world of experimentation, fascination, and endless possibilities. And so as solstice closes in, I enter it openly, joyfully, with promise for enlightenment, and transformation to what was once only an playful encounter. Happy Solstice to all!

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