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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mental Clay

Mental Clay                                                                                                     Inez Dunn@2014

Happy New Year Friends!
It's time to re-adjust our mental faculties and seek motivation and inspiration from right under our noses. Sometimes all we really need is to look just past our surroundings, stop focusing on the main thing as it were and really "see" the other stuff. This is how my artistic process with clay has evolved...I always begin with an idea to create some type of object and then my focus widens and I see "other" experimental possibilities!  Right now, I am attempting to make original polymer clay appear more like its really metal clay. Except, well, minus the expense and the kiln! Its totally a mental thing and a visual morphology, whereas what you see in my clay objects should really amuse you. Except, once you realize what it is, is not what you thought it was... well, that's when the splendid air of surprise goes out the door.  Its mental alright and every bit delightful and shameful that the mind has developed such an astute constitution to dismiss its first frivolous impression, only to remain faithful to its unsuspecting left hemisphere. Its true, I began working with clay believing all along it was not "Polymer". After a bit of research and reading Sue Heaser's, The Polymer Clay Techniques Book,  my findings were set straight, thanks Sue. Metal clay and or PMC clay is a prevalent medium for many artists. But, I for one won't be visiting that world anytime soon, cuz right now I'm mentally challenged by polymer clay and by all the glorious gifts in life. (even if I thought what I was working with, isn't what I'm working with). My new outlook this year is to sharpen-up mentally and visually, and to really "see" the greater landscape that makes-up my world.

With Gratitude,
Inez Dunn

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