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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Remembrance of things past

Unforgettable                                                                                                         Inez Dunn ©2014

Yes. It happened to me I forgot to sit down and write this post. My apology to all my faithful readers. I realize everyone forgets and the expression of being "too busy", is guaranteed acceptance to forget. Head in the clouds anyone? Spacey maybe? We'll that's a lifetime pass to fore go parts of your everyday experiences! Even though, in today's world we have countless electronic ways to remind us, not to forget. We still forget! I believe its easier to remember things when our head isn't so busy, the brain actually seeks out clarity; after all this is our sanity. As an avid beach walker, I walk to stretch my legs but more importantly; I walk to free-up my mind. There is something calming and meditative for my thought process to experience the unpredictable, with no presets of relying on a similar experience to guide me. The photo above was taken from one of my favorite beaches. The photo is a reminder of where I was at a certain time and what I was doing or feeling in that moment. Life is  pretty remarkable, we glide through each day either wrestling and dodging opponents or grabbing each moment courageously as its given. Our lives after all are only our memories woven together in a story line made up from what we can remember. And that's a lot of stuff when you really sit down to think about it. Just like I should have done a couple of days ago!

Inez Dunn

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