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Friday, March 14, 2014

Art Journaling

Face Book  Art Journal                                                                                                    Inez Dunn© 2014
Art Journaling.  Recently, I have taken-up a renewed interest in journaling. Although, I'm not filling the page with words of prose, intimate feelings, or sentimental encouragements, no I'm layering my pages with art work. I've been creating collaged pages of faces accompanied by exaggerated letters like handmade fonts of my own liking. This new artistic direction has reinforced my creative foundation. When I venture into new artistic  territory I also get the chance to view my "old" art with a new lens of appreciation, or constructive critique. I am also reconnecting with exercises of sketching, and drawing a subject I have never done before "faces"! There seems to be a growing interest in mixed media toward the depiction of faces. Faces created by hand and by computer that are either cartoonish or have dreamy haunting styles. This new interest has even made me revisit my old art supplies which, holds evidence of  me as a much different artist a long time ago. I recently sorted through crusty jars of antique paints, nubby pastels sticks, broken charcoals bits, and plastic watercolor compacts with skinny rims of brittle color. The plus is most of this buried treasure is still viable for how I  plan to use it,  "in my new journals". I've been very fortunate up to this point in my life to be able to access & harness my artistic imagination when I need it.  The art journal for me now is like harvesting all the loose change I've ever had in my back pockets. All I need to do is add it-up or let it spill-out haphazardly upon the page. Either way I'm on my way to making and  seeing art differently. And if your like me...making documentation of your expressive self is, well just something you gotta do.

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