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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Facebook ,   Colored pencil & Pastel on paper , 8.5"x11"                                                              Inez Dunn©2014
Facebook or Face-off? I'm not quite sure but, I am definitely having a most pleasurable experience at re-connecting with the skill of drawing. I had no idea of the challenge, believe me I have not attempted to capture the expression of a face since I was in grade school! I challenged myself in the month of March to draw as many faces as I could. My discovery...simply not enough time in a day to unleash my creativity in this manner and secondly, just to complete an eye or nose took hours! The depiction of facial expression is red-hot right now, I mean the ex-president is doing it, and the designers at Prada. Art in the form of portraiture is nothing new, through-out history artists have been copying the human form in one way or another.  The human face is our first imprint as infants, its that one part of the anatomy we gauge our existence, who we belong to; and what sets us apart. If you haven't doodled a stick figure in some time or even a smiley face, I say give it a try and lets call it a face-off . Send me your best facial impressions and I'll post the ones with the most concentrated effort. Now go ahead and remember don't leave the house until you've put your best face forward.

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