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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


         Adornment                                                                                                                              Inez Dunn ©2014

Adornment.  A noun referring to "putting decorations on".  The term sings all things jewelry, doesn't it? In summer months wearing jewelry always seems so high lighted. Earrings are bigger, bolder, shinier and necklaces and bracelets appear to be statement pieces. Maybe its because in the summertime we tend to bare more skin and lighter fabric clothing, so jewelry just seems to pop! It used to be Sterling silver was the official metal of summer but, now those rules need not apply. Bold beads, mainly along the tribal vibe are very in and will take us far into the fall season. Mean while the single "object" earring has made its way to the runways of Paris & Milan. It definitely works just wear designs that are on the lighter side, as to avoid the heavy earlobe syndrome. Wearing jewelry for many of us is truly about our own individual "comfort zones". The modern day ritual of adornment now is about our rite of womanly "expression". Maybe we are carrying-on some ancestral pattern that dates back to the Sumerian's of southern Mesopotamia, or maybe our modern day expression of adornment is simply just about wanting to feel pretty. Either way its a deliberate act, an action of being female and something that none of us can do without!

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