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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Shell Game

Shell Game                                                                                                                                  Inez Dunn ©2014
Its fall in Alaska. From here on out...what you see is what you get. The long cool shadows that grace your effortless lawn now draw a blanket of sopping moisture furthering & suspending all and anything green into flux, into submission...waiting in apprehension for WINTER.
There is no cover here, as temperatures dip, the change in the air is undeniable. Winter is that darkened alley, that odd voice that calls out to you to come closer. Most of us always feel that winter sneaks up on us...but how could she? There are so many clues, so many signs, we
like to remain in denial, as if to act surprised. But winter is so awesome, beautiful, she
renews us with the cold hard facts that the sun will be further away but, only further away for a short time. Remember what becomes dormant actually sleeps, rests, only to become more gracious more fantastic for the spring season and that's pretty cool. Somethings in winter do die and that is the spectacular cycle of life as we know it.
So as we move deeper into the quite season let us follow her rules.
1. Give Thanks
2. Be Aware
3. Love each day
4. Be at peace with what is
5. Change what it is you what different
6. A Shell is that which protects you but, a shell also keeps you from what your hiding.
7. Winter is the heavy coat, it is the truth, its what keeps you close to the Earth. It is what keeps you real.

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