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Friday, January 15, 2016

DYI Bracelet Project

       "Hey, Copper"                                                                                      Inez Dunn©2016

 It's January, and I'm wishing everyone a very Happy New Year! Let's start this month with  a fun and easy DYI bracelet project. I love working with metals and copper is one of my favorites because, it's affordable, and malleable. Copper can be painted, etched, torched, enameled and even hammered into a beautiful shine. Okay, Lets begin.


Beading wire
Gloves (sturdy)
Hole punch tool
Jump rings
Pliers: Needle nose, wide nose
Rubber bands (thick and wide)
Sand paper
Soup can
Tin Snips
Wire: 16-gauge 


Use the tin snips to cut copper at approximately 3/4" inches wide by 2-1/2" inches in length.
Sand the edges of the copper till smooth.
Align the hole punch tool and make two holes at both ends of the copper tab.
Insert the eyelets into both holes and set them appropriately.
Place copper tab firmly over the soup can and conform (wearing your gloves). Wrap the rubber bands around the soup can to hold the copper tab in place and set aside for 24 hours.
Attach the jump rings or create a simple loop with wire then secure to one end of the bracelet.
Thread the beads onto beading wire and crimp to the jump ring at one end and to the clasp at the other end.

Copper has a warm glow and is complimentary to any skin type. This metal is claimed by some to have anti-inflammatory properties that can alleviate arthritis which, makes this the ideal project and jewelry accessory to wear this cold January month. Enjoy!

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