Good Tidings

Follow me as I explore Alaska's vast coastline.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Misty Mendo                                                                                                             Inez Dunn@2016
Eye's in the Sky                                                                                           Inez Dunn@2016
Beach As Art                                                                                                                Inez Dunn@2016

My love for the sea first began along California's north coast. The ocean's beauty and beaches affected my young heart; it was a time and place where I soon realized that nature was, indeed ART. As a child I eagerly adored every tide-pool. Sea glass and fragmented seashells beckoned me. The north coast is breath-taking; its globally recognized by its signature rocky headlands veiled in a ghostly fog. The ocean's neighbor is just as impressive; Majestic Redwood forests. These forests shoulder the Pacific ocean, they inhale the seas foamy air and invite us high into her mountains. In these forests Maidenhair ferns thrive knee deep haloed only by slivers of falling sunlight. Remnants of old tree stumps breathe once more with new saplings reaching upward through the canopy. The air is oxygen heavy and fragrant with verdant spices.
 In Alaska my desire and inspiration to create come from these long ago experiences and are fostered each and everyday by the raw and unspoiled landscape that surround me. It is the sea, the neighboring rivers, and the richness of our Spruce forests that feed my soul and inspire me to create.  Thank you faithful readers who support me, believe in my art and have allowed me to share my NATURE with you!

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