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Sunday, October 16, 2016


Ain't it dandy?  For the last year I have made it my exercise of choice to create some form of art each and everyday. For me it is  mental and emotional cleansing something like brushing your teeth, you know you have to do it; and in the end your all the better for it. My initial goal was and still is that someday I may master the craft of surface design. Each day as I attempt to learn something new, I stay open about my threshold with artistic challenges, about seeing the repetitions that frequent my work as a whole, and how I always tend to gravitate to the familiar and safe choices within a color palette. Some days I might only create a small row of leaves, or the outer petals of a flower, other days I can actually get the images from my brain to completion via the computer screen. I know for myself if I want to grown as a artist I must practice in order to discover, discover all that I am capable of as an artist, and as a human being which; gives me so much more to share with you. Thank you so much, my dedicated readers for this incredible journey!

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